There are so many great modern window coverings. One which is also timeless in its design is Luminette® Privacy Sheers. Their sheer fabric face lets light in while combining soft fabric vanes to keep light out. Luminettes provide endless ways to manage light and privacy in expansive applications. Plus, they work beautifully with your home’s design.

Window fashions come in so many great modern yet timeless window coverings.

Large Expanses

A perfect solution for sliding glass doors or large expanses with widths up to 192” inches and heights up to 120” inches.

Privacy Control

Soft face fabric is bonded to fabric vanes for both full view-through and privacy.

Preserves Viewing

No cords or tapes run through the product to obstruct outside views.

Light Control

Translucent and room darkening vanes rotate for light control.

Day Lighting

Sheers diffuse and disperse the sun’s rays into soft, natural light throughout the room, which can reduce the need for electric lighting during the daytime.

Ultraviolet (UV) Protection

Protects furnishings from UV damage while maintaining views.

Extensive Selection

An array of fashion-forward fabrics and colors.

Ease of Operation

A wide range of proprietary operating systems, including PowerView™ motorization.